Klineo raises €2M to connect patients to clinical trials

Klineo argues that the small number of clinical trials aren't due to low supply or demand, but a lack of awareness.
Klineo raises €2M to connect patients to clinical trials

French digital health startup Klineo today announced that it has raised €2M for its platform which improves equity of access to clinical trials for cancer patients.

Klineo’s AI-based platform connects doctors and patients directly with relevant trials. This funding will enable Klineo to expand its solution to all types of cancer as the number of patients and clinical trials experience significant growth. 

Clinical trials offer a chance to benefit from the latest therapeutic innovations. But today, only a minority of cancer patients take part in clinical trials, whereas a majority of patients would be willing to participate if they were aware of them.Paradoxically, up to 20% of trials fail due to lack of participants. Klineo’s digital platform works to bridge this gap and ensure that the energy and capital invested into this research has the most impact possible.

The €2 million raised from the BPI and business angels will enable Klineo to cover all cancers in France by the end of 2024, with a near future extension to lung cancer. The company is expected to then expand to other countries (Europe, USA, etc.) and other pathologies (rare and neurological diseases, etc.). In addition, the funds will enable Klineo to expand its team and continue to improve the platform both medically and technologically. 

Klineo initiated a pilot project at the Gustave Roussy Institute in 2022 and launched the first national platform for triple-negative breast cancer in collaboration with a patient association, the Collectif Triplettes Roses. In 2023, Klineo extended its platform to include new cancers (breast, skin, lymphoma, etc.) and aims to cover all cancers by the end of 2024.

Previous supporters include the BPI, the Pfizer Healthcare Hub, Wilco, Onconumérique and PariSanté Campus.

According to Dr Arnaud Bayle, co-founder of Klineo and oncologist,

"Today, too few patients benefit from a clinical trial because the search for one is a very tedious process. At Klineo, we offer a reliable, intuitive and fast solution that finally gives doctors and patients, wherever they are treated, the possibility of easily finding new therapeutic options adapted to each situation, and which ultimately enables medical research to progress."

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