Localazy brings localised translation to brands in Poland

Localazy conbines AI with translation experts to expose brands to the wider market of non-native english speakers.
Localazy brings localised translation to brands in Poland

Czech translation startup Localazy has expanded into Poland to enable businesses to reach their target markets through local languages.

Localazy helps other businesses with international expansion by providing language and cultural expertise so to allow the brand to tailor its content to a local audience.

A study conducted in ten countries by CSA Research found that 75% of consumers prefer shopping on websites available in their native language, and 60% of them never or almost never make purchases on websites available only in English. The ability to use products and services in one's native language not only influences the purchase itself but also allows customers to identify with the brand and build loyalty toward it. 

Localazy’s technology, driven by machine learning, translators, and local market experts, provides a perfectly adapted and quality translation, ideally suited to the selected markets. They have introduced a number of partnership offers for foundations, social organizations, VC funds, accelerators, and other organizations supporting the development of startups. 

“The main goal of Localazy from the beginning has been to mitigate inequalities in access to information and assist in scaling businesses. We knew that adapting a product to a specific, often small market requires a huge amount of work and financial resources. However, localization is not just about translating words but also about transforming content in a way that takes into account the cultural context of a given region, which significantly affects their perception,” explains Hodek, CEO of Localazy. 

“That's precisely why, in creating Localazy, we decided to take a comprehensive approach to localization. Our platform combines artificial intelligence technology, experienced translators, and experts from local markets, thereby supporting companies and organizations in their effective foreign expansion while simultaneously ensuring the highest translation quality,” he adds.

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