Samuel Stolton

Samuel is a freelance journalist based in Brussels. He is specialised in technology news and digital policy, ranging from platform regulation to data protection, from cyber security to artificial intelligence. He was previously the Digital Editor at Euractiv, covering continental politics and global technology news.

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How a Digital Euro could revolutionize Europe’s payments ecosystem

The European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to pursue ambitious plans to establish a Digital Euro, at a time in which global jurisdictions seek to make the most of the rapid digitalization of payments. On July 14, the ECB announced that as of October, it will move into the two-year ‘investigation phase’ of its Digital […]

A tax regime for the global economy: What does Tech want?

The European Commission announced this week that it has sidelined ambitious plans for an EU-wide digital tax, following an agreement between G20 Finance ministers that will pave the way for a minimum global cooperate tax rate of 15 percent, likely to impact some of the world’s largest tech firms.  “After many years of discussions and […]

Hey, big spender! Here’s how the European Commission intends to ‘greenify’ innovation with €14.7 billion worth of research funds

The European Commission has laid out its 2021-2022 spending priorities for the bloc’s research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, with projects under the green, digital and health banners set to come in for substantial funding. As part of the €14.7 billion package over the next two years, particular attention has been given to supporting the […]

Micro-mobility regulation in Europe – where do we stand?

Over recent years, major European cities have been subject to the swift uptake of micro-mobility solutions, with a series of benefits being pitched regarding the rollout of e-scooters, including the freeing up of parking spaces, reducing urban congestion and decreasing air pollution.   However, there has been no shortage of critics, with some claiming that e-scooters […]

Apple in the EU’s crosshairs: What next for the App Store?

US tech giant Apple is coming under increasing pressure in Brussels after the European Commission recently charged the firm with abusing its dominant position in the music-streaming market, to the detriment of smaller developers seeking to compete on a level playing field. While the Commission’s gripes in this particular case centre on the app market […]