Cubiq Foods, a Spanish food tech startup developing cell-based fats, has raised €5 million from Blue Horizon Ventures and Moira Capital Partners. The new funding will help produce the company’s sustainable fats on an industrial scale, making them commercially available to domestic and international markets later this year.

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Raquel Revilla and entrepreneurs Andrés Montefeltro and Jordi Bladé, the Barcelona-based company is developing a platform to cultivate cell-based oils rich in omega-3s as well as patented methods to prepare oil/water emulsions that can be healthy replacements for traditional fat ingredients. Indeed, the startup claims to be the first to produce high-quality omega-3s. Multilayer microencapsulation protects the concentrated essential oils, maintaining their properties without any of the notorious fish flavours. 

The two products poised for mass production are Cubiq Smart Omega-3 and Cubiq Smart Fat, a vegan emulsion with ‘a full flavour profile and fewer calories’, which can replace animal fats in processed meat products, dairy derivatives and saturated vegetable fats (such as coconut oil).

“Sustainable omega-3 and vegan healthier fats inspire our team and partners,” says Andrés Montefeltro, CEO and co-founder of the Spanish company. “We are ready to deliver a new generation of nutritious, healthy and accessible products at industrial scale by the end of this year.”

Photo: Cubiq Foods founders

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