I was one of the bad-asses who traveled to Helsinki last week even though it was already (the end of) November, but I'd go even if it was -50C in order not to miss Slush, easily one of the best entrepreneurship and tech-focused conferences in the world.

I was delighted to be asked to moderate one of the most-anticipated panels at the event, facilitating a discussion with the founders of Spotify, Skype/Atomico and Supercell. For our audience, I'm sure I don't even need to spell out their names, but as I said when I just got on stage, it would be great to have a discussion with even just one of these entrepreneurs. All three of them at the same time was a treat.

In case you missed the talk - which was more about their failures and mistakes and what they learned from them than about their massive achievements to date - here's the video (best watched in full-screen, obviously):

Speaking of failure, this is something Tech.eu and a plethora of other organisations have been researching in Europe under the umbrella of the European Commission-supported LIFE Project.

Here's just a taste of some of the things we've published on this:

- From hero to zero: entrepreneur Arthur Tolsma shares lessons learned

- Is there really a talent shortage in Europe?

- Why startups need to get some basics down at the very beginning

- Money, Team, Customers: Exploring the obstacles faced by European startups

Top image credit: Kai Kuusisto for Slush / Flickr

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