Rennes, France-based Unseenlabs has raised €20 million in a Series B round. The funding is expected to accelerate the company’s commercial growth as well as further deploy their existing satellite constellation.

The round was led by Avolta Partners, with new investors 360 Capital Partners, Omnes Capital, and Blue Oceans Partners joining, as well as existing investors Definvest and Breizh-up participating.

Founded in 2015 by Clement Galic and Jonathan Galic, Unseenlabs’ name is apropos. Their satellite-borne technology provides for electromagnetic monitoring and intelligence. Through their existing 3 orbiting satellites, Unseenlabs can track all maritime traffic, particularly ships that have switched off their identification systems, i.e. specifically trying to avoid detection.

Another way of thinking of Unseenlabs is that they are literally the eyes in the sky, always offering a method to track those that don’t want to be tracked. I’ll break it down even further, if you’re fishing where you shouldn’t be, moving umm … “things” or people you shouldn’t be, or involved in Piracy, chances are, Unseenlabs is seeing what you’re up to.

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