Add another new fund to the list, Warsaw-based Freya Capital launches, promises “Smart Money Package”

Add another new fund to the list, Warsaw-based Freya Capital launches, promises “Smart Money Package”

Warsaw has a new venture capital fund on the market in Freya Capital. The fund aims to support early-stage companies and is the latest edition to the Polish Development Fund Starter programme. The firm is leading off with a ~€14 million in capital.

An interesting choice in naming for the fund, as according to Norse mythology, the goddess Freya was associated with “love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr (a form of magic)”, but hey, what’s in a name?

Freya Capital’s founders Hubert Anyżewski, Zbigniew Barwicz, Jan Grochowicz and Michał Lewandowski, combined, have previous experience in founding, developing, and/or selling more than 10 companies with a value of over €175 million.

Seeking to offer more than just money, Freya Capital is promising a heavy input of guidance based on the partner’s international experience. With their combined experience and cooperation with European, Canadian, American, and Asian partners, Freya Capital wants to offer its investments comprehensive product, business, and operational support.

“Freya Capital was established to support young Polish companies not only financially, but also on the merits, by offering them a ‘smart money package,’” said Zbigniew Barwicz, co-founder and Managing Partner of Freya Capital. “Each of Freya Capital’s founders has experience building their own businesses and working on Polish and international business projects. We know and understand the market environment, so we know how to properly prepare the business for scaling and obtaining subsequent financing rounds.”

As a reminder, "92% of VCs say they offer value beyond capital; founders reply, “mmm yeah no”". Let's see if Freya can deliver where so many others haven't.

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