Instana acquires two European startups and one signal technology to augment its DevOps solution


Instana, the German-American startup providing developer tools for app performance, is expanding its services through three acquisitions: BeeInstant of Ireland, StackImpact of Germany, and Signify, a technology from JINSPIRED.

In the sector known as Application Performance Management (APM), Instana helps developers monitor apps, providing automatic and real-time insights into app performance. The solution automatically deploys monitoring sensors for each part of the application technology stack and traces all application requests – without requiring any human configuration or application restarts.

“Organizations of all sizes must deliver better software faster while creating more complex systems, involving more stakeholders in continuous services operations and striving for quicker business changes and more frequent software release cycles,” said Mirko Novakovic, co-founder and CEO of Instana.

BeeInstant is a leading solution in the emerging area of high-frequency metrics analysis in large-scale cloud environments. StackImpact is the first polyglot production application profiler, and Signify is a forward-looking technology that provides insight into complex system signals.

Commenting on the acquisitions, Novakovic continued: “The addition and integration of StackImpact, BeeInstant and Signify into our APM platform allows Instana to build upon our leadership in providing automated application insights to the broadest set of application stakeholders, including developers, DevOps, SRE, IT Ops and Service delivery teams.”

Further details of the deals were not disclosed. Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Solingen (Germany) and Chicago, Instana has 150 employees distributed around the world.

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