French deep tech startup Internest gets bridge funding to develop precision landing technology for drones


Paris-based deep tech startup Internest has received bridge funding from Luxembourg fund Boundary Holding. The exact amount of the pre-series A round was not disclosed.

The French company has developed technology that guides drones to precise landings, whether on fixed or mobile targets, even in harsh weather conditions.

Known as a Local Landing System (LoLaS), the system uses two sensors on the rotary wing of the drone, and four sensors on the landing platform. Sensors exchange signals via ultrasound waves and radio technology to find out the exact position of the drone so that the landing can be adjusted accordingly.

So far the business has customers in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and the US, global companies such as Airbus, Nexter, and Naval Group. With the new investment, Internest plans to expand its customer base and partnerships in certain sectors, logistics and transportation to name a couple.

A European fund that invests in AI and deep tech, Boundary Holding made a bridge investment in another French deep tech startup, Cerbair, last year.

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