Haptics startup Lofelt raises $5.4 million in Series A round

Berlin’s Lofelt has raised $5.4 million in Series A funding led by Wolfman.One with participation from Horizons Ventures, Q Venture Partners, and coparion.

Lofelt develops haptic solutions allowing people ‘feel’ the interfaces on their devices. It has built its own hardware, called the Basslet, which delivers bass sensations to the arm. The new funds will be used to grow the company’s engineering team and boost product development.

“While screen and audio technologies have evolved exponentially, innovation in haptics has flatlined; creating a gap between today’s user experience and the potential of what new haptic technology can deliver,” said Daniel Büttner, CEO of Lofelt (pictured). “The problem is that haptic technology is often considered a secondary feature in product and experience design. We’re out to change that.”

Gaming and smartphones are the two biggest opportunities for haptic technologies, Büttner said, and one of its competitors Ultrahaptics in the UK is racing to accomplish something similar.

“We are on a mission to prove that haptics complete the audio-visual experience and our investment will be the vehicle for making this vision a reality,” he said.

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