In a Tel Aviv-to-Tel Aviv transaction, digital adoption platform WalkMe has acquired AI search firm Zest.

Financials were not disclosed.

Founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv by Dan Adika, Eyal Cohen, and Rafael Sweary, WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that helps companies measure and act on their digital transformations and optimise the value of software investments.

Zest is an AI-driven search mechanism that leverages NLP to quickly and accurately retrieve any document, file, contact, or record within a firm’s holdings. In doing so, the service also reduces the computing power needed to perform complex searches and/or tasks.

As a result of the acquisition, Zest is expected to be integrated into WalkMe’s desktop product, Workstation.

“Zest is a natural extension of WalkMe’s core business use case: to make technology adapt to people, not the other way around,” comments WalkMe CEO and co-founder Dan Adika “Zest’s proprietary technology will bring new levels of functionality and efficiency to the WalkMe product suite, making it easier for customers to achieve their digital transformation goals.”

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