Cambridge-founded startup has raised £1 million in funding from the angel investor Simon Thorpe, Angel CoFund, John Spearman, GW Asia Capital Ltd, and Adrian Lloyd. Formerly known as Biotechspert, the company has decided to broaden its scope from finding experts in the biotech space to other industries. has developed a search engine that supposedly can help to find experts able to answer the most complex questions related to different industries. Its aim is to “eliminate companies’ current dependency on established ‘expert networks’ like that of current market-leader, US-based Gerson Lehrman Group,” stated in a press release.

“Our platform can scour more than 150 million experts in minutes to pinpoint and connect companies to highly-specific expertise,” said David Holden-White, co-founder and managing director of “That’s a pool of experts around 30 times larger than they can access through any single expert network. What’s more, the AI enables to learn continuously, adjusting its ranking as it perfects its ability to recognise genuine expertise, and to evolve as experts do.”

In the photo: the team of

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