Uppsala-based digital audio software optimiser Dirac raises $17.7 million, takes aim at poor quality experiences


Uppsala-based digital audio optimiser Dirac has raised $17.7 million in a direct share issue to new investor TIN Fonder and existing investor DIG Investment. The firm is also reporting that founder, and now former CEO Mathias Johansson will return to his roots, and focused on creativity and innovation in a Chief Product Officer role, with Peter Friedrichsen having recently been appointed to the position.

Founded in 2001 by Johansson, Dirac building digital sound optimisation solutions. The company’s ethos is that great audio can not be achieved through hardware alone. The firm counts Rolls Royce, BMW, Onkyo, Pioneer, Kilpsch, and ASUS amongst its client base, and has stuck deals with semiconductor and middleware companies including NXP, Analog Devices (ADI), and CRI Middleware to have Dirac audio directly integrated into chipsets and platforms.

“Since the dawn of reproduced sound, advancements in audio performance have historically been driven by hardware innovation,” notes Friedrichsen. “This paradigm began to shift when companies like Dirac first introduced technologies that demonstrated the ability of software to achieve new, higher levels of performance. Today, we believe that the future of sound is in the hands of software and, with this investment, we fully intend to make Dirac the driving force in audio industry innovation across all platforms, devices, and environments.”

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