Yup, we’re continuing to improve Tech.eu Radar, the searchable online database crammed with useful information about technology companies and investors in Europe (and beyond).

Today, our partner Dealroom added a new feature that enables you to better filter the thousands of companies and investment firms already on the Radar, letting users drill down on industries, funding, location but also growth stage, revenue model and target market.

This comes in addition to earlier improvements that allows people to keep track of funding rounds, acquisitions, specific countries and industries on the Radar website. The new feature enables users to more easily share informative lists with others. It looks like this:

Tech.eu Radar Filters

A few examples

A list of European fintech companies that have raised between €50 million and €100 million

Tech.eu Radar

A list of gaming companies in the United Kingdom that have hit the ‘late growth stage’

Tech.eu Radar 2

A list of German early-stage startups in the 3D printing space

Tech.eu Radar

Happy filtering and sharing. 🙂

Featured image credit: NorGal / Shutterstock