As we promised when we launched Radar the other day, our partner Dealroom and us are going to constantly improve the product over time. Sometimes it will be little things like improving the load time and shuffling some things around, but other times more functionalities and features will be added to the tool.

Today we'd like to tell you about our improved 'Insights' drop-down menu.

Transactions have now been split up into 'funding rounds' and 'acquisitions', and we're now also providing a breakdown based on 'countries' (e.g. Sweden) and 'industries' (e.g. fintech).

There's also a new option dubbed 'Graveyard' (beta) where inactive (or outright dead) companies will appear.

We're always looking for news ways to improve Radar.

If you have any suggestions, please do let us know. To add your company to the database (or update / correct information), please sign up to Dealroom (it's free).

better radar countries

better radar industries

better radar aquisitions

better radar Funding Rounds

Featured image credit: lvsanmas / Shutterstock