While there has yet to be any official comment from Spotify on the news that it’s just raised $526 million, they have today released their latest user numbers through a blog post, stating that they now have 75 million users, with 20 million of these paying.

They also gave an update on the amount of royalties they have paid out, passing the $3 billion mark in total, including more than $300 million in the first three months of 2015, declaring that it’s “good for music, good for music fans … and good for music makers.”

The blog post goes on to provide more detail around these royalty numbers, but perhaps the more interesting number to break down from the announcement is the ratio between free and paid users.

With 20 million of the 75 million users now paying subscribers, this is the first time in over two years (since March 2013) that the ratio has been higher than 25%, coming in at 26.67%.

This increase, albeit slight, will be seen by Spotify as justification for their business model which so often courts controversy, especially as it had remained flat for so long. With revenue also now heading in the right direction, perhaps full focus will now be on stopping the continued rise of the one number they don’t want to grow; their losses.

Featured image credit: endermasali / Shutterstock