scaling together

Nesta and the Startup Europe Partnership have a released a new report that explores how corporates can collaborate with startups (and vice versa) in a meaningful way.

Put together in collaboration with The Scale-up Institute and titled ‘Scaling Together’, the report is available for free and can be read or downloaded here.

There’s no question that corporations are increasingly keener on collaboration with startups as part of their innovation strategy, but it’s equally true that there are multiple barriers to successfully working together with fast-moving, innovative and different-thinking small companies.

The report is an interesting read for corporate executives and startup founders alike, as it explores the ‘external’ and ‘internal’ hurdles big companies often face when working with startups, along with useful case studies and tips.

The next step will be to create a ranking of the best 25 startup-friendly corporates: Europe’s 25 Corporate Startup Stars. The ranking will be published in June and startups can nominate the best corporates to work with via this online form.

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