It’s no surprise to anyone that startup accelerators are continually cropping up across Europe. There are now well over 100 programs accepting applications in the region.

It’s definitely a crowded space and not an easy one to navigate, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur.

Although it’s difficult to keep count of all accelerators focusing on digital health (because new ones are popping up and ceasing to exist all the time), I’ve counted 23 accelerators in Europe that might be interesting for entrepreneurs operating in the world of digital health.

Here’s the list, categorised by location of the program:


FICHe (FIWARE Accelerator Programme)more information

This is an initiative that challenges startups to develop applications and businesses in the eHealth market using FIWARE technology. There are several acceleration phases and the participants have a chance to land up to €217,000 in financial support.

Vertical Acceleratormore information

This 4-month program takes place in Finland and targets young digital health and wellness startups.

Health Innovation Village at GEmore information

Health Innovation Village is a platform, supported by GE, for startups that want to network, innovate and grow. Though there’s no official website yet, you can learn more about the initiative through their Facebook and Twitter.


BioUppermore information

BioUpper is an acceleration platform for startups in the field of life science that operate in the Italian market.

Wellness Acceleratormore information

Powered by Italian fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, the Wellness Accelerator is a 4-month program targeting the areas of health, fitness and wellness.


Bayer Grants4Appsmore information

From mobile apps to wearables, this program takes place in Berlin and is looking for health technologies or IT solutions beyond the ideation phase.

EyeFocus Acceleratormore information

This accelerator has a particular emphasis on startups and later-stage companies developing a product for preventing, curing or living with eye disease.

Helios Hubmore information

Berlin-based Helios Hub is an accelerator offering a platform for digital health technologies that benefit patients, improve treatment processes or concern the German healthcare system.

Medtec Europe Start-Up Academymore information

This program focuses on startups developing ideas in the medtech industry.

Merck Acceleratormore information

Located in Darmstadt, Germany, the Merck Accelerator looks to support ideas in the areas of healthcare, health IT and science.

Startupbootcampmore information

Rumor has it that Startupbootcamp will be rolling out a program focusing on digital health in Berlin. Keep an eye out for updates.

EIT Digitalmore information

Although it’s not stated on the website, startups who have taken part in the annual Health and Wellbeing Challenge through the EIT Network tell me that winners receive 3-months of free office space in Berlin and a monetary prize that doesn’t come with any conditions.

The Netherlands

Rockstart Digital Health Acceleratormore information

Rockstart’s digital health program is located in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, and lasts for 180 days.


Moebiomore information

Moebio provides a number of programs with the goal of accelerating healthcare and entrepreneurship.

CREA (TSB)more information

Emprende In Health (UnLtd Spain)more information


Frogleap Acceleratormore information

Frogleap accelerator offers healthcare startups a 6-month program in Stockholm.

Healthy Habitsmore information

Based in Lund, Sweden, Healthy Habits is a startup accelerator focusing on digital health.

United Kingdom

Atlantic Acceleratormore information

Cambridge-based Atlantic Accelerator focuses on medical solutions and technologies that improve patient care.

Dotforge Health + Datamore information

Dotforge offers a program to support startups creating health and wellbeing applications.

DigitalHealth.London Acceleratormore information

Launching today, the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator wants to bring together digital health SMEs and healthcare providers to develop and deliver innovations that tackle patient and clinician issues.

Healthboxmore information

Healthbox Studios offers a platform to help breed healthcare startups for growth

Cross-border programs

Accelerace Lifemore information

With a focus on life science and health tech businesses, Accelerace Life runs two programs – one for the Baltic Nordic Region (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania) and Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

If you know of any more programs in Europe that aren’t included in the list, feel free to comment below!

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  • mdepiere

    Don’t forget Bluehealth in Antwerp:

  • Vesselina Tasheva

    Great article, Min-Sung! Fantastic to see covering the digital health space more.

    According to Lisa Suennen’s report for California Health Care Foundation digital health is evolving from the original accelerator model. Here’s a European example with global operations —

    Dublin-based HealthXL pivoted back in 2014 to empower leading organisations, innovators & thought leaders to solve major healthcare problems thru digital health collaborations –

    P.S. In case interested in in the DigitalHealth.London program – here’s my recap on its launch with the Mayor of London from earlier this week

  • There’s one in Alderley Park in the UK. Reckon more research is needed!