Because you don't really like the place you work at now anyway: Launching the job board

If you're on the lookout for a new job in Europe, or you're a tech company looking to expand your team with the right kind of people, then check out the brand new pan-European job board.
Because you don't really like the place you work at now anyway: Launching the job board

Would you like to work for Evernote in Zurich, for Dropbox in Dublin or BlaBlaCar in London? Today we're launching a new effort to make it easier for people to find jobs at tech startups all across Europe.

In these times, people tend to prefer working for a company they believe in and/or boasts a culture they neatly fit in to, even if that means they'll need to move to another country. Borders, in this industry, are so passé.

Having a European passport of course makes it easier, but roam around any of Europe's top startup ecosystems for longer than an hour and you'll realise the above is already a reality: you'd be amazed at how many nationalities work at 99Designs in Berlin or Endomondo in Copenhagen.

Hence why we think it makes sense to have a pan-European job board focused solely on technology startups. We've partnered with Madrid-based Tyba to make it a reality and make it look nice.

Finding the right match

Starting today, companies can list vacancies on the job board free of charge. (4)

In addition to listing jobs on for free, recruiters can opt to advertise jobs across Tyba's entire network - the company is active in 14 European cities and has partnerships in place with a wide range of media companies and universities - starting at €149 per job post.

Also good to know: once you've posted your first job on Tyba, they will contact you to schedule a visit to your office with a professional photographer at no additional charge (they're really serious about making company profile pages look great).

This speaks for itself, but if you're looking for a job, you should browse the job board to find good matches and evaluate detailed company profiles (e.g. Rocket Internet) at your own pace.

Working at Blippar

It's all pretty straight-forward, but just to make sure: the job board lets you drill down based on job type, position, location (in Europe) and the industry you'd like to work in.

You'll only need to register for Tyba if you want to actually apply for a job.

And, let's face it: that's a small price to pay to escape that hellhole you work at now.

Featured image credit: Evernote's office in Zurich, Switzerland - photo taken by Tyba

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