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Become an NB-IoT pioneer. Last call for WARP NB-IoT program by hub:raum

The program is open to IoT startups developing products with NarrowBand-IoT technology
Become an NB-IoT pioneer. Last call for WARP NB-IoT program by hub:raum

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A trashcan informs the city cleaning department when it should be emptied. A car screen shows you a free parking space. A farmer manages his multi-hectare field, sitting comfortably in an armchair with a tablet in his hand. This is not a vision of Back to the Future, but a revolution that will enter our lives very soon with NB-IoT.

NB-IoT is a Low Power Wide Area Network, built on licensed frequency bands operated by established telcos that has been designed for IoT use cases such as these. It uses just a small portion of frequency spectrum while improving the overall capacity of the network. It’s an open network for any company to take advantage of and was standardised last year by telecommunications consortium 3GPP.

It promises lower costs, longer battery life (up to 10 years), lower data rates, multitude of devices connected by cell, stronger signal penetration, high security, plug&play installation, and can be applied to several different sectors from smart cities to health and industries to property. In addition, it is possible to transfer solutions from other networks (such as LoRa or Sigfox) to NB-IoT, increasing the efficiency of the product with all the advantages of NB-IoT.


To make the most of the benefits of NB-IoT, hub:raum, an incubator of Deutsche Telekom, has launched WARP NB-IoT, a prototyping program for IoT solutions.

It will support IoT startups and growing companies interested in the implementation of NB-IoT technology which connects devices transferring small amounts of data over long distances. Imagine tracking your pets using an IoT device, checking the location of your bicycle, or monitoring your gas meter through a small quantity of data sent over this infrastructure.

Previous WARP programs have helped startups to develop their product and service for eventual commercialisation. WARP NB-IoT is dedicated to IoT projects to assist startups in developing their products and leading them to commercialisation at European markets with NB-IoT roll-out.

Startups that participate in the program will get access to the NB-IoT live network and technical assistance from DT and hub:raum. So far, in the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub program, DT has successfully trialled 16 products with customers and head up further (pre-)commercial tests and implementations.

Participants do not have to give up any equity. However, there is the potential to receive financial support from hub:raum as well as the chance to take part in the Pilot Project with real customers.

Do you have an idea how to use NB-IoT? Applications for WARP NB-IoT close on July 17, click here to apply.


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