Company builder Heartbeat Labs to launch and back digital health startups

Heartbeat Labs is a new company builder by HitFox Group, which will launch up to five digital startups a year.

It will back three to five startups working on health tech solutions with seed funding between €500,000 and €5 million. It will launch its first company by the end of August.

Heartbeat Labs was founded by Jan Beckers, Hendrik Krawinkel, and Eckhardt Weber, who previously founded the fintech company builder FinLeap, which raised €39 million earlier this week.

“While medical therapies are advancing steadily, not enough progress has been made in making healthcare more data-driven, efficient and affordable,” said Jan Beckers, managing director, on the decision to establish the new company builder.

“We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support the digitization of existing healthcare players and to bringing new business models to this market.”

Heartbeat Labs will assist startups on a business and product development level and help them prepare for entering what is a heavily regulated market. The program is supported by a board of medical experts.

The European digital health sector is starting to catch up with the US, said Eckhardt. “We believe this is the right time to invest in healthcare: Changing regulations in Europe is opening up the markets. Technological capabilities are developing quickly,” he said.

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