Danish-founded research collaboration platform Amie raises $250,000

Danish-founded research collaboration platform Amie raises $250,000

Copenhagen-based collaboration platform for researchers Amie, which markets itself as “git+github for R&D” and “the notebook for humans,” has raised a pre-seed funding round of $250,000. The funding comes from several Nordic investors, including The Nordic Web Ventures and Futuristic.vc. (Disclosure: Neil Murray, the founder of The Nordic Web Ventures, was part of the founding team of tech.eu.)

Amie, which is currently being tested by 15 organisations in Europe and the US in both industry and academia, aims to make research data sharing more open and seamless. The end goal is to have all the research-related materials publicly shared on the platform with a certain form of version control for the community to make use of.

The founders of the startup—Giulio Ungaretti, Henri Suominen, and Johannes Beil—have a background in quantum computing research. The idea of the platform came to them while they were still in academia.

“We realised that all of our problems came down to the fact that we didn't have a tool where we could track what we were doing and thinking in a way that lets us and everyone else go back and understand what happened,” Beil said. “Programmers have that, with git+github, but we were working on the next generation of computing, while not even using the current generation, so we decided to build it.”

Amie plans to use the funding to further develop the platform and bring it out of beta.

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