Belarus-based OneSoil shares precision farming data in 43 countries at no cost (yet)

Belarus-based OneSoil shares precision farming data in 43 countries at no cost (yet)

Belarusian agritech startup OneSoil has launched an interactive digital map of agricultural data that includes more than 57 million fields across Europe and the United States, and data on 20 types of crops collected over the last three years. The OneSoil Map is part of the startup's precision farming platform, which helps farmers to monitor fields and calculate the amount of fertilisers to apply.

The data released by OneSoil is derived from the open satellite imagery released by the European Space Agency. Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, the Belarusian startup recognizes 19 crops with a 92 percent accuracy and calculates vegetation indices and nitrogen variable rates. The metrics included on the map are hectarage, the crop, and country crop rating.

“We process large volumes of data daily to make precision farming available to everyone,” said OneSoil CEO and co-founder Slava Mazai. “By 2020, OneSoil will be available all over the world.”

OneSoil's platform workflow

Since its launch in 2017, OneSoil has raised $500,000 in funding from Haxus, Bulba Ventures, and angel investor Leonid Lozner. The company is yet to start making money.

“The platform will always remain free to use for small and medium agriculture businesses owning up to 100 fields and 10,000 ha,” a spokesperson for Bulba Ventures told “In the nearest future, OneSoil is planning to roll out paid services for agroholdings and large companies involved in food production and operating on a bigger scale and managing a larger number of fields. The team will provide the platform and assistance for a certain fee. OneSoil is now in the process of negotiating possible cooperation with large agroholdings which tried a pilot and are willing to start using the platform for their business.”

The startup is also exploring possibilities of creating and selling analytical reports based on its data, as well as partnering up with vendors of seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products, and field machinery.

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