Mannheim/Berlin-based HRtech fable+ becomes latest acquisition by Accenture

Mannheim/Berlin-based HRtech fable+ becomes latest acquisition by Accenture

In a move to expand their capabilities in analytics-driven transformation and workplace cultures, global giant Accenture has acquired Mannheim/Berlin-based consulting firm fable+

Terms of the deal were not divulged. fable+’s team of 50 employees are all expected to join Accenture’s Talent & Organisation / Human Potential team.

fable+ has leveraged their cloud based app to track and measure the psychological safety and team performance of their clients and quantifies key culture factors across different business units.

By measuring a teams psychological safety level, including how safe members feel to speak up, contribute expertise, and share ideas, fable+ helps shape an organisation’s competitive advantage through fostering a trust-based corporate culture.

“Sudden disruption must be met with an equally rapid response in the workplace by leaders seeking to create cultures grounded in trust and focused on supporting people across many dimensions of well-being,” said Accenture’s Christie Smith.

“fable+’s methodologies will enable our clients to shape their workplace culture and support the growth of agile and resilient teams that are central to sustainable businesses growth.”

fable+ now joins Accenture’s rapid round of acquisitions including Kates Kesler in 2020, Future State in February, and Cirrus as recently as March 1.

“Joining Accenture enables us to scale our unique, proven approach to agile transformation, rooted in psychology, culture analytics and gamification, to a global client base,” said Ilhan Scheer, founder and CEO of fable+.

“Empowering our clients to master complex, fast-changing challenges with agile and resilient cultures has been the core of our DNA since day one.”

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