Collaborative research and insights platform Avrio raises €700,000

Collaborative research and insights platform Avrio raises €700,000

As any founder will tell you, the bigger you scale, the bigger the silos become. Dashboards, docs, threads, knowledge in your co-founders head, it can quickly spin out of control and manage what’s what and where is where. Avrio is a browser extension that helps keep everyone on the same page, is always accurate, up-to-date, and available at a moment’s notice. The Cyprus-HQ'd startup has raised €700,000 in pre-seed funding in order to further develop Slack integration, an open API, more collaboration tools, and overall improvements to the core experience.

Founded late last year, like most great startups, Avrio was borne of frustration. Co-founder Andrew Michael was working at Hotjar, becoming increasingly frustrated with how research and data analysis was conducted. Many processes were siloed and unnecessarily repeated. At the same time, co-founder Natalie Masrujeh, previous Product Owner at Overflow was seeking a way to make more data-informed decisions.

Now toss a global pandemic into this mix, pulling silos even further apart, and the need for seamless and accurate knowledge transfer and distribution has never been greater.

As opposed to Avrio competitors such as Confluence, Notion, Google Drive, etc., the service requires no break in a workflow to save information. As a browser extension, it’s simply a matter of click-click, annotate, save. Boom, company-wide, up-to-date information sharing.

The startup has been embraced by a number of selected companies during a private beta and as of today will be opening up access to everyone, including a waiting list that Avrio reports of over 100 companies that pre-registered for early access.

Marathon Venture Capital led the investment round, with angel investors Bob Moore, Patrick Thompson, Jiaqi Pan, Andrus Purde, Argyris Argyrou, Michael Oikonomou, and Emily González-Cebrián Lombán all participating.

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