Logistics providers Unifaun, Consignor, Transsmart merge, acquire Returnado

Logistics providers Unifaun, Consignor, Transsmart merge, acquire Returnado

Three of Europe’s largest players in the delivery management software business, Stockholm-based Unifaun, Oslo-based Consignor, and Netherlands-based Transsmart have all come together under a new umbrella. Collectively addressing 90,000 customers in 190 countries, and delivering over 750 million packages annually, the new entity, nShift, instantly becomes Europe’s largest provider of delivery management solutions from e-commerce shops and third-party logistics providers.

The company offers over 100+ pre-built e-commerce and other retailer logisitcs integrations with instant connectivity to some 700+ global carriers.

Not wasting any time as a collective unit, the trio has acquired a UK market favourite, e-commerce returns specialist Returnado. Effective today, the Returnado, Unifaun, Consignor, and Transsmart brands cease to exist and are now known only as nShift.

No financial details, terms, or conditions were released regarding the mergers or acquisition, only noting that Marlin Equity Partners and Francisco Partners will retain their majority stake in the new entity.

At the same time, Consignor’s founder and CEO for over 24 years Peter Tang Thomsen has stepped from his role, and will be replaced by Dr. Lars Dige Pedersen. Thomsen will remain present as a board member.

“While our name is changing, we are more committed than ever to continuing to provide the vital connectivity in delivery management, visibility, and efficiency for which our 90,000+ customers rely on us,” commented Pedersen. “Our platform enables customers to worry less and ship smarter with up to 10-20% higher e-commerce-shop conversions, 60% fewer delivery related support calls, and 30% increase in repurchase rates on returned products.”

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