Portuguese coworking spaces provider Heden raises €1.3 million

Portuguese coworking spaces provider Heden raises €1.3 million

Portuguese coworking spaces provider Heden has raised €1.3 million in a new financing round and has announced the opening of their newest space at the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon. Heden has pumped €400,000 into the Rossio station address via a renovation investment, however, no indication was given what the company plans to do with the remaining capital other than, “allow the expansion of this new concept of working spaces in Portugal.”

Now let’s be honest, coworking spaces haven’t exactly had it easy over the past few years. Normally in any given industry, there’s only room for one elephant to fit in the room. In the coworking space, we’re packing two. One is of the WeWork variety, the other of the pandemic variety. And yet, founded in 2018 Heden has somehow managed to navigate the waters.

Needless to say, with giants like Amazon giving certain workers work from home benefits indefinitely, running a coworking space, or investing in one, could be considered rather risky at this point. However, Heden co-founder Manuel Bastos, sees things differently.

“The last 18 months have boosted new ways of working, and hybrid and flexible models are increasingly sought after by national and international companies and freelancers looking for a comfortable, sustainable, flexible and safe workspace.”

It should be noted the Bastos also lists himself as COO and Founder at SpaceWorks, another Lisbon based startup that is, "(Re)inventing your spaces, Empowering Your People". Now I'm not going to call "eggs in one basket," but ummm ...

The 1200m2 Rossio Train Station space joins existing Heden properties in Santa Apolónia, Chiado, Graça, and Intendente, and includes residents of a “well-known Portuguese startup” and will be “transformed into an inspiring workplace for around 160 people.”

Heden’s recent investment round was led by the Navigator Venture Capital Fund, managed by Lince Capital.

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