Can climate tech startups supercharge the UK’s net-zero journey? Solivus brings in £2.4 million to show how with its ultra-thin solar panel

UK startup Solivus has now raised £2.4 million funding
Can climate tech startups supercharge the UK’s net-zero journey? Solivus brings in £2.4 million to show how with its ultra-thin solar panel

As the world battles with the damaging effects of global warming and climate crisis, clean energy startups are working to minimise emissions and save energy, using efficient energy-saving measures.

The U.K. needs to treble its solar capacity within the next decade. Solar is the cheapest form of energy in the world and yet Britain is currently generating less than half the proportion that is being generated in Spain, Germany and Netherlands.

Joining the bandwagon to solve the problem is UK-based solar energy startup Solivus. At the forefront of this climate fight with its solar panel initiative, the startup has now raised £2.4 million funding. The round was led by Founders Factory and G-Force and supported by Crowdcube investors. Until now, the business has raised a total of £5 million.

The fresh capital will be utilised by the clean tech company to fund expansion plans and put solar power at the heart of the U.K.’s energy generation. It will also commercially roll out the recently launched ‘portable’ solar sculpture for homeowners.
The startup's flexible, organic thin-film solar (OPV) panels that can be wrapped around the flat roofs of warehouses, stadiums and large offices, which the company claims is a more practical alternative to traditional clunky solar panels.

Solivus is already trialing this technology on several high-profile projects, including Cotswold airport. The airport is set to become the first airport in the world to use the organic solar technology (solar panels fitted to the hangar) to not only power the site but also a new generation of hydrogen aircraft.

For homeowners looking to embrace solar amid soaring energy prices, it is launching plug and play ‘portable’ Solivus Arcs, using organic solar film in a recyclable structure to provide energy for homes or cars for up to 20 years.

Regarding how the clean tech firm will maximise the disruptive potential of its ultra-thin solar panel, Jo Parker-Swift, CEO of Solivus, said: “With this new funding, we want to scale our business and maximise the disruptive potential of our ultra-thin and lightweight solar solutions by facilitating a new generation of solar users ready to have a positive impact on the planet.”

Marian Gazdik, managing director at G-Force, said: “We see the platform's immense potential to transform how solar tech is used in the built environment and residential homes. Indeed, fitting their thin-film solar solutions to commercial buildings and accelerating the transition to sustainable energy of the UK’s electricity - that’s exciting.”

Louis Warner, COO at Founders Factory, said: "We face a perfect storm when it comes to energy. Households and businesses are feeling the pinch in their pockets from traditional providers, governments are struggling to fulfill COP26 commitments and our world is heating up."

The clean energy firm will join the Founders Factory G-Force sustainability seed programme where it will spend the next six months rapidly scaling its business. 

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