Making customer support experience more seamless, Fullview picks up $7.5 million

The Copenhagen-based platform will utilise the new capital infusion to further accelerate its product roadmap and build design teams this year
Making customer support experience more seamless, Fullview picks up $7.5 million

The market is facing massive secular trends from remote and distributed work. Customers buying B2B software have more options than ever before and, therefore, have higher expectations of their vendors and hence higher churn rates. 93% of companies surveyed stated their customers have higher support expectations than before the boom in SaaS companies in the past few years. Meanwhile, support representatives at SaaS companies are solving an average of 181 tickets per month, taking up to 45 minutes per ticket.

Support representatives and the product teams they collaborate with internally, more often than not, don’t have the right modern and dedicated tools to deliver fast and scalable support without losing the human and personal touch needed for a positive customer experience.

Betting big on the segment, Paris-headquartered Arianee raised €20 million in a Series A funding round and Berlin-based Superlist brought in €10 million recently. Another one joining the ranks is Danish startup Fullview. The platform enables SaaS companies to deliver faster and more personalised customer support and has raised $7.5 million in funding. The seed round was led by global investor Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from previous investors Cherry Ventures and Seedcamp. The round features founders and executives from top tech companies in Europe and Silicon Valley such as Coinbase, Unity, Pleo, Zapp, DoorDash, Instana, Dixa, and Pitch

The new capital infusion will go towards further accelerating the product roadmap and building new growth and design teams this year.

Founded in 2021, the platform aims to bridge the knowledge and workflow gaps between product teams and support teams. To support product teams that struggle to gain context for technical support tickets and end up playing email ping pong with support agents to fix bugs that customers report. Fullview’s API plugs into existing web applications and allows customer support agents to instantly see their user’s screen, and initiate in-app video calls and multiplayer screen control.

Fullview CEO and co-founder Daniel Bakh said: “When customers experience problems in a product and need guidance, they expect fluid, personalised support — not long wait times and constant back-and-forth communication. SaaS companies struggle to deliver customer support that is personalised, fast and scalable at the same time and this is where we come in.”

Anoushka Vaswani from Lightspeed Venture Partners said: “Fullview is replacing the existing siloed technical support stack across session recordings, customer calls, screen control and console logs. It not only aims to handle the support interaction but then automatically records the session and session details to route any issues that need to be debugged to the development team.” 

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