Sound Particles tunes in €2.5 million to boost music metaverse

The Portuguese deep tech company behind the recent Hollywood Oscar Best Sound winner – Dune aims to hone its presence in the gaming/VR world and enlarge its product range in the music production vertical
Sound Particles tunes in €2.5 million to boost music metaverse

With productions such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Frozen and video games like Fortnite, among others and the recent Hollywood Oscar movie Dune under its sleeves, the Portugal-based audio software disruptor Sound Particles is attempting to boost the audio software landscape.

The startup has raised €2.5 million in funding to roll out 3D audio technology for headphones, strengthening its presence in the gaming/VR world and enlarging its product range in the music production vertical.

The round was co-led by Indico Capital and Iberis with Fundo 200M. In 2019, the startup received its first €400,000 investment and, another €1.25 million from the EU through the SME Instrument.

Founded in 2016, Sound Particles is changing the audio software landscape by applying graphic computing to sound by developing its 3D audio software. The funding will allow the startup to launch a sound marketplace and an immersive experience for headphones and the metaverse.

Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles said: “This new round will allow Sound Particles to introduce new and innovative technological developments, strengthen its international market presence through a new Los Angeles office and promote organic growth.”

Stephan Morais, managing general partner of Indico Capital, added: “Sound Particles was the first startup to have been invested in by Indico’s VCI Fund, in a €400,000 pre-seed round in 2019. We are very proud, as first investors, in seeing it accomplish its goals and gaining momentum in the international market, having in its core a unique and revolutionary technology.”

João Henriques of Iberis concluded: “Sound Particles developed a unique technology, and the biggest names in the industry recognise its disruptive nature. It continues to innovate in new spaces betting on new markets and business scaling.”

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