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Bringing teams together again, 3D video communications platform ROOM launches their Founders Plan

Designed specifically for today’s remote teams to collaborate better and re-establish existing company cultures, ROOM debuts its lifelike 3D video communication solution.
Bringing teams together again, 3D video communications platform ROOM launches their Founders Plan

Cinematic 3D video conferencing solution ROOM, has launched its lifelike online meeting spaces. The platform utilises a proprietary social 3D communications engine titled RealityOS, to elevate the video call experience, enabling users to virtually interact with one another in the most natural way possible. ROOM is celebrating the first phase of the launch with the rollout of what it’s referring to as the Founders Plan. This initial phase for the company will see ROOM available to creators, visionaries, and thought leaders, helping to shape and define the future of work. 

As tech companies across the board grapple with arrangements to return to the office, retaining company culture is at an impasse. According to Mercer, 51% of senior leaders worry that flexible work arrangements will make it difficult to maintain their organisations’ current culture, and the adoption of technology that supports and complements existing company cultures will be critical for future success. Additional research from INSEAD found 45% of workers indicating that camaraderie and teamwork had declined since the start of the pandemic. 

In response to these troubling figures, ROOM’s solution enables teams to communicate in a more natural way, and re-establish the unique working cultures regardless of location or schedules. 

As part of the TMRW Foundation, founded by former Crytek co-founder and CEO Cevat Yerli, ROOM uses real-time 3D, depth-of-field, and real-time reflections that simulate a natural, first-person point-of-view where participants can freely move around the room and look at each other – just as they would in real life. 

The technology allows people to represent themselves realistically in 3D spaces and provides users with an experience that closely mirrors human nature. Within the industry, ROOM features the highest level of social presence.

Immersive first-person perspective: ROOM’s real-time and AI-supported 3D video presence gives users physical depth and dimension. Participants are shown in the same shared space, giving them a realistic sense of presence and togetherness without the need for any additional VR equipment.

Designer rooms that give shared context to meetings: Users have a wide range of ROOM options, including a coworking space located in the heart of Manhattan, a cozy campfire set in the Adirondak mountain woods, a Mediterranean beachfront, a talk show set direct for Studio City, California, an ethereal cloud room, and many more options to choose from. Each space has been thoughtfully designed, several of which were created under the expert guidance of esteemed interior architects Claire Davies and Marcin Luebecki.

Powered by a cinematic game engine: ROOM is run on RealityOS, a patent-protected social 3D communications platform. It is built with a new browser-first best-in-class 3D game engine core.

Experience lifelike togetherness: Reducing video call fatigue, users can interact with objects and their peers in a natural and learned way.

Comprehensive privacy protection: Users enter ROOM with all the visual surroundings of their homes in the background automatically removed. Adding an additional layer of privacy and security, meetings are end-to-end encrypted.

Browser-ready and device-agnostic: Users can access the platform by clicking a link within a web browser on any computer with a microphone and camera. No additional software downloads or VR headsets are required.

“We believe that digital spaces should be shaped by real life and with the presence of actual people, not anonymous avatars,” commented ROOM founder and TMRW Foundation CEO Cevat Yerli. “Human nature is programmed to interact with others in a certain way. We close and deepen relationships face-to-face in shared spaces most of the time. We designed and created the patented technology of ROOM with decades of gaming industry experience.

We think that the concept of ROOM will profoundly change the way people get together in the next phase of the internet. Not as a replacement for real life – but as the second-best option. We call it: The Internet of Life.”

With its initial offering, The Founders Plan, ROOM offers access to all rooms including the Exclusive Founder Room, lifetime founder status and price, early access to upcoming features, unlimited meeting time, and more. 

To join the Founders Plan and learn more, visit

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