Wellbeing and fitness brand Fit Factory splashes $137 million on acquisition spree

Glasgow-HQed Original Fit Factory has evolved its lifestyle and wellbeing presence into a multi-brand, globalised operation.
Wellbeing and fitness brand Fit Factory splashes $137 million on acquisition spree

UK-based wellbeing and lifestyle products brand The Original Fit Factory seeks to make its mark on the global stage following an eight-acquisition spending spree that's seen it invest $137 million in all.

The most recent of the eight acquisitions, WolfsonBrands, is also UK-located and has significant overlap in terms of product range, mainly through its focus on performance fuels for fitness workouts, though it also offers aids for sleeping, mental resilience and hormones.

After the latest acquisition, Original Fit intends to reach 10 million customers in 100 international markets. Next year the enlarged portfolio is forecast to boost its revenue above $100 million.

Aside from the core wellness products WolfsonBrands also has digital and print publications in the "muscle and health space", garnering access to Original Fit's outreach post-acquisition.

Among the brands operated by Original Fit is the protein shake vendor SmartProtein, fitness networking tool TruConnect and the video long-distance running simulator VirtualRun.

Before buying WolfsonBrands, Original Fit Factory claims to have reached 71 countries through acquisitions aimed at supporting TruConnect's market share. That campaign soon led to a large group of wellness brands being merged under the Fit Factory banner, via mega deals to acquire a global insurance company and a "leading Indian outfit".

SmartProtein and Virtual Run were also acquired, as was the holistic employee wellbeing platform Elf at Work, charity fundraising organiser Cool Events, lifestyle apparel brand Niyama Sol, and a military fitness programme marketed under Battle Ready 360's brand.

David Weir, founder and CEO of Original Fit Factory, headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, commented: "It was the realisation that the fitness and wellness community was strong, but splintered which originally inspired me to start the business, and since then the vision has always been to change that through the provision of synergistic products and services with ‘access for all’ at their core. 

"The culmination of these acquisitions will be bolstered by the performance driving engine from Wolfson Brands’ innovation lab. This will not only increase our sales performance through a global affiliate network, but will enhance our capabilities to be able to manage our products with its own end-to-end ecommerce and logistics platform."

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