Italian crowdtesting platform Unguess raises €10 million

Unguess's crowdtesting platform allows product teams to crowdsource product testing from its community of technical experts.
Italian crowdtesting platform Unguess raises €10 million

Italy-based product crowdtesting platform Unguess has raised €10 million+ in funds.

The round is led by Fondo Italiano Tecnologia e Crescita, a tech innovation vehicle supervised by Italian funds manager Fondo Italiano d'Investimento.

Also participating are some of Unguess's existing investors, including Italian Angels for Growth, Club degli Investitori, and Club Italia Investimenti 2.

Two funds linked to asset management firm Azimut Group also took part in the round.

Unguess will deploy the fresh capital to consolidate the Italian presence of its platform, which connects product teams to technical experts to carry out quality control.

The platform's community consists of "hundreds of thousands" of people, allowing enterprises to conduct multiple quality control campaigns simultaneously.

Unguess was previously known as AppQuality, underscoring its original focus validating software development projects. It was founded from Poliecnico di Milano's Mobile Lab research unit by founders Edoardo Vannutelli, Filippo Maria Renga and Luca Manara.

Founded in 2015, the scale up currently has 80 employees and deals with more than 300 clients, including satellite TV provider Sky Italia and Italian energy utility Enel.

Post fund raise, Unguess's management is also eyeing growth in "strategic" European markets, aside from Italy, and will seek to also deliver new solutions, content and services.

Luca Manara, Unguess CEO, commented: " is an important vote of confidence that confirms the resilience of our vision and the work done in recent years. 

"We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with funds specialised in technological growth. The need for effective, reliable and rapid testing is set to grow in the coming years in the wake of digitisation. 

"Moreover, it will become increasingly crucial for companies to develop user-centric products, and our platform is a key tool in the technology stack of those who want to create successful products."

Fondo Italiano d'Investimento senior partner Claudio Catania added: "During the last years, Unguess has laid solid foundations for sustained growth."

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