Podcasting fever as PodX swoops in for its Swedish counterpart Filt

An illustrious track record commissioning narrative-driven podcasts in four Nordic markets was key to Filt's appeal.
Podcasting fever as PodX swoops in for its Swedish counterpart Filt

Stockholm's PodX wants to be the leading international publisher of independent podcasts. After buying up a British purveyor of audio fiction, Goldhawk Productions, and the French podcasting studio Nouvelles Écoutes, this time PodX is keeping the magic local having acquired Stockholm peer Filt to drive its Nordic strategy.

Founded in 2002 by Erik Roll, Roger  Dackegård, and Anders Elfström, Filt's podcast catalogue contains fiction and journalistic narratives. Some of its programming has triumphed in award programmes like Prix Italia and Guldörat.

In terms of reach, it's reckoned Filt podcasts are downloaded or streamed by 1 million listeners weekly, and its audiences are spread across four Nordic markets (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.) In Finland, it mainly produces content in a dialect spoken by the Swedish diaspora, known as Finland Swedish.

Anders Elfström, Filt CEO and co-founder, commented: "We are very excited to take the next step on our journey to become the leading audio producer in the Nordics.

"We look forward to publishing new and creative documentary series in multiple languages, and establishing our existing formats in new markets beyond Scandinavia. As founders, we look forward to continuing to develop Filt within the PodX Group.”

Staffan Rosell, PodX CEO and board member, commented: "“We are delighted to add one of the most successful podcast companies in the Nordics, Filt, to the PodX Group.

"This production studio is well-known for its fantastic, high-quality productions for Swedish Radio, Podme, Storytel, and many others. We are excited to start working with this brilliant team.”

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