Backed by an all-star cast, product management platform Cycle dons the green jersey in $6 million round

Cycle is aiming to capture the “sprinters jersey” when it comes to project management - and has a who’s who of backers lined up to pull it off.
Backed by an all-star cast, product management platform Cycle dons the green jersey in $6 million round

Brussels-based Cycle has raised $6 million in a seed funding round that will see the company further its end goal of becoming the be-all-end-all reference when it comes to product management, think Figma for product management and/or GitHub when it comes to a living, breathing CV.

Cycle’s $6 million seed round was led by Boldstart with eFounders, Base Case, The 20VC Fund, SV Angel, BoxGroup, Hummingbird Ventures, and 60 operator angels among which product leaders at Meta, Stripe, Google, and Dropbox participating.

Like many a startup before it, Cycle has come to life as a response, a retort even, to a status quo that should never have become status nor quo in the first place.

“As a product manager, I always felt frustrated not because I was lacking tools but rather because I was overwhelmed with so many of them,” explained Cycle founder and CEO Mehdi Boudoukhane. “I was thinking to myself: Designers have Figma; Engineers have GitHub; Why is it that I’m still getting lost in tabs to get my most basic work done?”

Cycle’s atomic unit is a natively collaborative doc as opposed to a task, issue, or ticket. It’s multi-player by design. Product managers, customer-facing teams, designers, and engineers can work together in real time.

Adding Boudoukhane’s own expertise, in order to create something truly revolutionary (or at least assemble a list of names that could very well do just that), Cycle has brought on some of the world’s best product leaders as angel investors. Ready? Here we go:

  • Scott Belsky (Founder at Behance)
  • Shreyas Doshi (ex-Product Lead at Stripe)
  • Kelton Lynn (Director of Product Management at Google)
  • Youcef Es-skouri (Head of Product at Dropbox)
  • Omar Pera (Product Lead at Meta)
  • David Hoang (VP Design at Webflow)
  • Jonathan Widawski (CEO at Maze)
  • Mark Pundsack (ex-VP Product at GitLab)
  • Antoine Martin (Founder at Zenly)
  • Marie Gassée (ex-VP Growth at Confluent)
  • Mary Nelson (CCO at Aircall)
  • Olivia Teich (ex-Product Director at Dropbox)
  • David Apple (ex-Head of Sales & Customer Success at Notion)
  • Eric Wittman (ex-CRO at Figma)
  • Sriram Krishnan (ex-Head of Growth at Tinder)
  • Jeremy Le Van (Founder at Sunrise)
  • Brad Menezes (ex-Director of Product at Datadog)
  • Guy Podjarny (Founder at Snyk)
  • Nick Candito (Co-founder at Flatfile)
  • Romain David (ex-Product Manager at Uber)
  • Kyle Parrish (VP Sales at Figma)
  • and other undisclosed parties 

The startup has been in private beta for the past three years and in July 2022, Cycle soft launched on Product Hunt and ended up Product of the Week, naturally generating thousands of signups. Since then, the number of companies actively using Cycle has grown from 50 to 500. 

“Cycle makes it easy to contact the most relevant users whenever I need feedback on a new product initiative. It helps me capture all the necessary customer context without friction,” says JeudiMerci Product Manager Luuk De Jonge.

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