Remote work search engine Jobgether books €1.4 million ticket to paradise

Meeting the millennial demand for increasingly more and more flexibility, Jobgether offers nomads and remote workers a wheels-up method of finding work in one go.
Remote work search engine Jobgether books €1.4 million ticket to paradise

Brussels-based, but really anywhere-based, Jobgether has raised €1.4 million in a seed funding round. The capital was provided via finance& and 4Ventures, as well a number of undisclosed angel investors.

Focusing on Europe and emerging markets, according to the startup, the capital will be used to strengthen their aggregation capacity as well as talent acquisition strategy.

“Workers have never been so unsatisfied and unloyal to their employers and ‘The Great Resignation’ is evidence of this crisis of job satisfaction. With Jobgether, we want to help bring work to the future by enabling employers to create genuinely remote work cultures, and for talent to find these positions efficiently,” explains Jobgether co-CEO and co-founder Arnaud Devigne.

A LinkedIn report published in October of 2022, found that over half of all job applications on LinkedIn go to remote jobs. While most job boards list a mix of positions that are traditional and/or flexible, there’s no single one designed to highlight work that can be performed remotely.

According to Jobgether, even ‘remote specialists’ cover only a small percentage of the offers available. There’s no one truly global platform, and certainly, many that lack transparency and details on flexibility conditions. 

One challenge facing employers in this regard is, as you might have guessed, legal restrictions on hiring in/from certain locations. To circumvent this problem Jobgether is using geo-targeting to maximise the potential of finding jobs that are genuinely available to job seekers based on their location.

Moreover, the startup then runs these candidates through a gamut of 27 AI-powered checks and balances to identify and score the most flexible employers among those offering positions, creating what the company refers to as a “flex score”.

On the investment Antoine d'Ydewalle, Partner, at 4Ventures, commented, “Jobgether has identified a large, non-addressed need for both talent and employers. It has already proved its product-market fit and has huge traction on the talent side, which is showing exponential growth. It was a global business from day one, and, with a great leadership team, we are certain Jobgether will succeed in its ambition to become the worldwide leader in remote work searches.”

According to Jobgether the site offers 60,000 remote positions and attracts one million users monthly, out of whom 100,000 have applied for open positions in the last month.

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