Germany's TeamDrive has absorbed its secure cloud peer Hornetdrive

Hornetdrive's cloud customers will have an opportunity to migrate over to TeamDrive, which specialises in GDPR-compliant service from EU servers.
Germany's TeamDrive has absorbed its secure cloud peer Hornetdrive

With a feature list that incorporates end-to-end encryption, synchronising, and audit versioning trails, TeamDrive's cloud data storage and exchange has expanded following its acquisition of German peer Hornetdrive, which fulfils secure cloud needs of 50,000 organisations globally.

TeamDrive focuses on encrypting and securing data in EU-compliant cloud environments, reducing offshoring of data to US cloud giants that poses GDPR risks due to American surveillance rules.

Detlef Schmuck, CEO, TeamDrive, said: "We need highly secure data rooms that are subject to European law and are neither directly nor indirectly dependent on the legislation of a non-EU country.

"Many companies and public authorities use US software and often also US cloud services. The former is permitted, but the latter clearly violates the General Data Protection Regulation insofar as personal data is collected, which is practically always the case."

Hornetdrive cloud services include US-hosted functionality and while TeamDrive has no plans to remove, it will insist on checking this storage against European compliance law.

TeamDrive's secure cloud storage and service offering is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. Hornetdrive was previously owned by Hanover-based email filtering service Hornetsecurity, which sought a sale to focus on its core business.

At this stage, Hornetdrive's pricing structure and services remain unchanged though migration to TeamDrive's platform will be offered later this year, bringing a "whole range of new functions with the same high level of security."

More than 5,500 organisations utilise TeamDrive's secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud environment, including regulated sectors like health care, public administration and legal.

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