Edgeless Systems raises $5 million for public cloud security

The German firm plans to advance confidential computing with seed funding.
Edgeless Systems raises $5 million for public cloud security

German cloud security firm Edgeless Systems plans to revolutionise the public cloud security industry with its $5 million seed raise. 

The Bochum-based start-up is ‘turning the public cloud into everyone’s private cloud’ according to CEO Felix Schuster

The seed round was led by Berlin-based SquareOne and includes angel investment from Evan Weaver (founder of Fauna), Mirko Novakovic (exit of Instana to IBM), Paolo Negri (founder of Contentful), Mathias Biilman and Chris Bach (founders of Netifly).

Public cloud use is an attractive proposition for businesses but data leaks and issues with compliance prevent this from being a secure option. Edgeless Systems, through confidential computing’s constant data encryption, is making the public cloud a safer place to do business.   

Constellation is Edgeless Systems’ flagship open source platform, and its associated tools, has already won the respect of Bosch, IBM and Intel developer and engineers. It's confidential orchestration platform for Kubernetes is already being used by hundreds of developers and DevOps engineers.

“Too many companies remain locked out of the cloud due to security concerns, but confidential computing technologies are poised to dramatically address this challenge in the coming months and years,” said Georg Stockinger, Partner at SquareOne. “Edgeless Systems is already light years ahead of anyone else building the tools to make confidential computing easily accessible for developers in the enterprise. Its Constellation platform for Kubernetes is proof of its deep technical knowledge and first-mover position.”

Constellation is a confidential orchestration platform for Kubernetes, the first to ensure hackers, cloud admins and foreign governments cannot access any data - it aims to be the defacto standard for 100% secure Kubernetes in the coming years. These security advancements will allow for business in the public cloud, on par with private cloud security. 

“By encrypting data all the time, even at runtime, and providing the best possible protection against infrastructure-based threats like malicious admins or co-tenants, Edgeless Systems can transform the way developers build and secure their public cloud workloads,” said Felix Schuster, CEO of Edgeless Systems.

If you want to find out more about confidential computing, Edgeless Systems is hosting the annual Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) on March 15, 2023 where CTOs from Intel, Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia and others will discuss the state of confidential computing

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