Humani is kicking the traditional out of personal development testing as it raises $2.2 million in pre-seed funding

The Danish start-up is unlocking potential in tech teams - CEO Anders Mayntzhusen tells us exactly how Humani plans to do it
Humani is kicking the traditional out of personal development testing as it raises $2.2 million in pre-seed funding

This week Danish start-up Humani announced it had raised a pre-seed round of $2.2 million to help build out its personal development platform which it claims will 'help individuals and organisations unlock their full potential’.

The investment came from Dreamcraft Ventures and angel investors.

“When I first met Anders, Mik and Christian, we immediately connected over their mission to democratise talent development in organisations and together as a team, they bring a winning combination of experience and heart to lead this change,” says Carsten Salling, General Manager at Dreamcraft Ventures.

“The AI engine combines assessments, exercises and other data sources to gain a deep understanding of an individual's strengths, interests, and motivations. Analysing this rich data set, our algorithm provides highly individualised guidance for personal development and navigating career choices," he adds.

Humani was founded by Danish entrepreneurs Anders Mayntzhusen, Mik Strøyberg, and Christian Sejersen. In the early development stages, the platform is being built on a foundation of psychometrics and behavioural science. 

Interested in what Humani would mean for the hiring and firing of teams in the future, we grabbed a word with CEO Anders Mayntzhusen to find out the vision for the tech that claims to be upending personality testing for business teams. 

“We are at the alpha stage - building out our data models - we are building the platform as we speak. Its super sophisticated - this is a pretty big task because this is an industry that has had close to zero changes for the last decade or so,” says Mayntzhusen. “The only way we can do it is building it with a real audience.”

“We are working with real data and real people at this point - it's very important for us to get a diverse picture of teams and individuals that are very open to new technologies.” 

The eventual target audience for Humani is expected to be technology scale-up teams. 

“We expect to release our beta somewhere in Q3-Q4, and we expect to release an MVP in early 2024,” he says. 

As with traditional personality testing Humani will be able to asses where individuals get most ‘energy’ and where, in the organisation, they would be most likely to ‘grow’ and be ‘happy’.

”Talent development is a top priority for the new generation of employees, and Humani is bringing this into the hands of all employees, not just a lucky few. With their platform, every talent is given access to opportunities for growth, self-improvement and well-being” says Nico Blier-Silvestri, Head of People & Culture at Dreamcraft Ventures.

One bonus for employees being tested through Humani’s platform is, they will have ownership of the data collected on them - Mayntzhusen says that's not common practice in companies at the moment.

“The first thing that we are changing is obviously the data is attached to the individual and not the business,” says Mayntzhusen, but he is quick to add that this platform is a B2B model. 

Where does the AI come into the interpretation of the tests to develop individuals, and create teams from diverse personalities? Well, it doesn’t really at this early stage. After all, the AI is still building out its own 'personality', as it feeds on more data - we’ll just need to watch this space. 

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