Electric motorcycle producer STILRIDE pulls back the curtain on final design, reveals price

Three years since its founding and after countless iterations, Sweden’s STILRIDE gears up to get in gear.
Electric motorcycle producer STILRIDE pulls back the curtain on final design, reveals price

Sweden’s STILRIDE has revealed the price and final designed of its electric motorcycle. Formerly known as the Sport Utility Scooter, the offering will henceforth be known as STILRIDE 1 (how much do you want to bet STILRIDE 2 is already in the works?) and will be available at a retail price of €15,000.

Now that you’ve calmed from the sticker shock, let’s take a step back a recognise that each motorcycle in the first release, aka the Limited Founders Edition, will be recognisable by its black fenders and black detailing, individually crafted and made-to-order. Although would-be riders won’t get to enjoy their pride and joy until 2024.

“The STILRIDE 1 is the culmination of many years’ ambition, passion and experimentation, distilled into a deliciously unconventional lightweight electric motorcycle that isn’t only a feat of engineering, but a work of art,” said STILRIDE co-founder and CTO Tue Beijer. “It has been designed for both the motorcycle enthusiast and the design and sustainability purist. We can’t wait for our first customers to experience the pure joy of our ride and join us in setting a new gold standard for sustainable electromobility.” 

As a reminder, STILRIDE employs a manufacturing technique so dubbed, ‘industrial origami’, that uses robots that can fold single sheets of steel into highly detailed, lightweight, and durable structures, in this case, e-motorcycles. 

Beyond the starting point of electric motorcycles, STILFOLD clearly has ambitions well beyond two wheels. The startup has struck partnership deals with Swedish space innovation startup I.S.A.A.C that will see exploration into applications for their technology in outer space and named one of the partners in a project being developed by electric car company Polestar, aimed at making the world’s first truly climate-neutral car. 

Since late 2019, STILRIDE has raised a total of €8.2 million.

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