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4 high paying tech roles for 2023

What’s an underpaid tech pro to do? In this climate, pivot, and pivot quickly to a higher-paying tech role that’ll offer more security in the long run.
4 high paying tech roles for 2023

Are you being paid what you’re worth? Recent research shows that almost half of tech workers feel they are undervalued and poorly paid for their contribution and skillset. 

So what’s an underpaid tech pro to do? In this climate, pivot, and pivot quickly to a higher-paying tech role that’ll offer more security in the long run. 

Amidst a landscape of rolling redundancies, a move may at first appear risky. But there are areas of the industry still prospering and eager to offer new employees a chance to upskill and earn more year after year. 

The four highest-paying tech roles for 2023 are outlined below along with several companies currently hiring roles in those areas. If this is the year you want to make serious money, then explore the Job Board to see what other companies are hiring for these high-paying roles. 

1. DevOps 

The DevOps industry is expected to grow to at least $30 billion by 2028 as demand for automated testing and development tools continues. 

Because this is a role that combines software development and IT operations, increasingly organisations are adopting it to enhance collaboration and communication between development and operations teams, streamline the software development lifecycle, and improve the quality and speed of software delivery.

Traditional operations are 41% more time-consuming, with users spending 21% more time managing issues, whereas DevOps users spend 60% less time on handling support cases, and 33% more time on infrastructure improvements

For those with experience working in DevOps––apart from the fact that your skill set is in high demand––the continued growth and need for DevOps professionals has seen salaries increase over the past five years, with DevOps engineers in Germany earning up to €90,075, according to a recent salary survey. This figure can also rise if you’re based elsewhere in Europe, as demand far outstrips supply. 

Companies currently hiring for DevOps professionals include Metrobank, IBM, and Apple.

2. Data Science

From the growth in big data to the explosion of generative AI, those with skills in data science and analytics are more in demand than ever before––in fact, the global big data market is expected to grow to 103 billion by 2027, according to Statista

With roles in Europe becoming more and more specialised as data becomes the cornerstone of many businesses, whether tech-focused or not. The sky's the limit when it comes to earning power

A junior data analyst can expect to earn 41k rising to over 100k as their career progresses. In higher-earning countries like Switzerland, Germany and Sweden, the possibility for bigger salaries is there. 

Industries that are seeing a growing demand for data science professionals include retail, communications and of course fintech and cyber security, and companies currently hiring for data science roles include Playstation, Citi, and Amazon.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The establishment of the European AI Strategy by the European Commission is an initiative committed to showcasing Europe as an AI hub, with a view to competing globally. 

With demand for AI specialists growing and European spending on AI tripling in the years since 2019, AI is one sector showing no signs of slowing down. 

Recent research from Goldman Sachs states that while the adoption of AI will benefit the global economy, it will also impact upwards of 300m jobs worldwide. With such demand, it is little wonder that jobs within the AI field are some of the highest-paying tech roles. 

This means there is scope for making real strides if you specialise and identify sectors that need AI professionals on the ground. Europe is experiencing a shortage of skilled talent, especially in areas such as blockchain, deep learning, and cloud security, which explains why AI engineers can expect to make an average of €101k a year. 

Companies currently hiring AI professionals include Scholt Energy, Airbus and American Express.  

4. Software Engineer Manager 

Software engineers and software engineering managers are also among the most in-demand tech professionals, with supply being outstripped at a growing rate post-pandemic. 

As Covid wrought change across sectors, with small and medium companies forced to pivot to digital-first businesses, the demand for SaaS products, e-commerce, and fintech opportunities grew, and with it, the need for software engineers. 

In order to land at the higher end of the pay scale, which across Europe averages at €101k for a full stack engineer role, rising to €116k for a software engineer, you need to continually upskill and have an eye on the growing areas in your sector. 

Companies currently hiring software engineers include ITV Jobs, Apple, and Ledger, with jobs available in sectors as diverse as Web3, fintech, media, and AI. 

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