Reviewpad raises €1 million to improve the code review process for developers

The Porto-based start-up combines multiple AI techniques to summarise and review pull requests leaving only the essential tasks for developers
Reviewpad raises €1 million to improve the code review process for developers

Porto-based Reviewpad has raised €1 million in a pre-seed round for R&D and new hires across engineering and marketing for its code review platform.

“Pull requests can take anywhere from a few hours for small companies to weeks for large teams. Often these code reviews are made by the same people, and if they leave the company or team, there is a large knowledge gap to fill. With Reviewpad, we ensure that all code revisions can be used in the future, therefore maintaining the value and knowledge of every contribution while dramatically reducing the merge time,” says Marcelo Sousa, CEO and co-Founder of Reviewpad.

Reviewpad's platform combines multiple artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, including integration with ChatGPT to summarise and review pull requests. The platform leaves only essential tasks to the developers, reducing the merge time of code changes by 50%.

“The purpose of AI is to assist in speeding up the review process and to provide helpful information to developers, not to replace them. This is even more important nowadays as developers are starting to use AI to generate code. The importance of human code review will dramatically increase in the future,” says Sousa.

Reviewpad says it is currently used daily by over 80 GitHub organisations, and customers include Channable, Open-BB, and Vital.

Reviewpad configuration

The pre-seed round was led by Shilling VC and includes angel investors Simon Brandhof and Freddy Mallet

“We believe that this innovative, ambitious and technical product can be accomplished by Reviewpad because of the founders’ combination of vision and experience. We’re excited to see how they will leverage their specific technologies and AI to make the CI/CD software development process even faster, more reliable and higher quality for agile teams globally," says Pedro Ramalho Carlos, Partner at Shilling VC. 

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