Regensburg gets solar powered wireless e-scooter charging as Zeus launches pilot project

The Irish micromobility provider is answering the needs of residents as a report showed the locals would be more likely to use e-scooters if they were more sustainable. It will also deploy the Z2 scooter to the cobbled streets of the city
Regensburg gets solar powered wireless e-scooter charging as Zeus launches pilot project

The beautiful city of Regensburg in Germany is the home to Irish micromobility provider Zeus’s latest pilot project. It is launching solar powered wireless e-scooter charging after three years of being active in the city. 

Zeus was only just in our headlines last month as it acquired fellow Irish competitor Zipp Mobility.

This means that the Zeus scooters will be able to charge automatically at three locations in the city. The Zolar solar charging stations are thought to become a hit with riders as a comprehensive study conducted by the city in 2021, revealed that individuals are more inclined to use e-scooters frequently if they are sustainable and readily available.

Zeus Zolar solar charging station with Z2 scooters

"The Zolar stations are a game-changer for the way e-scooters are charged. At Zeus, we are committed to revolutionising urban transportation and promoting sustainable micromobility solutions," says Damian Young, CEO of Zeus. “This project not only showcases the potential of clean energy but also demonstrates our dedication to providing innovative, eco-friendly options for urban commuters. We are paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future."

The company will also introduce the Z2, to the streets of Regensburg. The latest generation scooter is said to have a 'superior riding experience' with pneumatic tires for smooth navigation on cobblestones, indicating turn signals, a larger battery and a convenient smartphone holder.

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