Contents carries on with the consuming, swallows up Scribox

Italian generative AI company furthers its acquisition spree, this time, Udine-based content marketing specialist firm Scribox.
Contents carries on with the consuming, swallows up Scribox

Milan-based AI-powered content generation startup has acquired the more than a decade-old content marketing agency Scribox for an undisclosed sum. According to Contents, no reductions in Scribox’s staff are planned, and the company intends to maintain the latters’ established network of editors, journalists, and freelancers.

Armed with $8 million and backed by Synergo Capital, Alberto Chalon, Fabio Cannavale, and Jacopo Paoletti, the Scribox acquisition is not the first for Contents as it snapped up French SEO content specialist Scribeur and Italian translation firm Traduzione, both in April of this year.

“With Scribox, we are thrilled to become the undisputed market leader in our nation. Through this operation, we consolidate our position as a reference point in the industry and are ready to redefine the standards of excellence,” says Contents CEO Massimiliano Squillace.

Starting out life in 2017 as a digital publisher, Contents claims to have amassed a following of 10 million people via its magazines, and today offers AI-powered solutions including industry trends analysis, AI chat, writing, art, audio-to-text, and translation services, and will presumably integrate Scribox’s e-commerce product descriptions, SEO and link building services, social media marketing, professional translations, and video content creation to the roster.

According to Contents, they count yahoo! Taboola, Sky, MSN, IBM, Google, Facebook (ahem, Meta), Azure, and Amazon amongst its partners list. 

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