Green hydrogen can Jolt into action as Barcelona start-up raises €6 million

The Catalan Institute for Chemical Research spin-out says its catalytic coating technology is enabling a more cost and energy efficient industrial process for electrode production
Green hydrogen can Jolt into action as Barcelona start-up raises €6 million

Barcelona-based start-up Jolt is ‘revolutionising’ electrode production with its patented catalytic coating technology. It is making the manufacturing of electrodes more cost and energy efficient. 

A spin-out from the the Catalan Institute for Chemical Research the start-up was founded by Leon Rizzi, Alberto Bucci, Arturo Vilavella, and Julio Lloret-Fillol. The team believes the success or failure of the green hydrogen sector hinges on advancements in electrochemistry, not just engineering.

And clearly some backers believe that too as Jolt has just raised a €6 million Series A funding round led by Climentum Capital and Ship2B Ventures (through BSocial Impact Fund). 

“For us as Climate Tech investors, Jolt offers great commercial potential, but also a hugely reduced use of strategic materials and much lower Co2 emissions in the electrode production process with higher efficiency for the customers generating hydrogen - the total potential is several mega tons annually." says Dörte Hirschberg, General Partner at Climentum Capital. 

Jolt's CTO Dr. Alberto Bucci

Funds will fuel Jolt's first electrode production plant in Barcelona. Operation are scheduled to commence in early 2024, along with a state-of-the-art laboratory. 

Currently, alkaline and AEM activated electrodes account for an average of up to 22% of the total production cost of an electrolyser (26% for PEM electrolysis). Jolt aims to reduce this cost to 8% initially, and subsequently to below 5%, enabling rapid scaling in the use of water electrolysis.

"Electrodes serve as the beating heart of all electrolysers and fuel cells. The evolution of electrodes plays a pivotal role in determining the triumph of the Green Hydrogen industry, much like the revolutionary impact of microchip innovation in the Personal Computing era," says Jolt co-founder Leon Rizzi. 

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