Ecochain secures €3 million‎ to expand its team, bringing its LCA software to more manufacturers

Amsterdam-based scale-up Ecochain will expand its marketing and tech teams in a bid to grow its life cycle assessment software to give industry the tools for widespread adoption
Ecochain secures €3 million‎ to expand its team, bringing its LCA software to more manufacturers

Dutch climate software scale up Ecochain is providing data on the environmental impacts of products, to manufacturers, through its life cycle assessment (LCA) software - tackling industries such as packaging, construction, apparel, food and beverage, and consumer electronics.

Ecochain has two software solutions, with large global databases, on offer. Ecochain Mobius, a product-focused footprint tool that measures and aids eco-design, and Ecochain Helix, a bulk solution to measure the impact of manufacturing sites. 

It has just announced it has secured €3 million to fund the growth of its team as it expands its technology and marketing departments. 

The funding round was led by and supported by existing investor, Volta Ventures and also includes a loan from the Dutch bank ABN AMRO

“Ecochain has been at the forefront of sustainable practices for several years. With the recent launch of Mobius, the easy-to-use LCA software, Ecochain empowers professionals in different manufacturing sectors to effectively communicate the environmental impact of their products and services to clients, stakeholders, and consumers. As a supporter, we are excited to see their continued impact on the manufacturing industry and their mission to make high-quality LCAs understandable for all,” says Sander Vonk, Partner at Volta Ventures.

Ecochain was founded in 2011 so has been beating this drum for a good while, and now officials are catching up to this particular beat too. Recent EU regulations, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR) will require approximately 50,000 companies to report on sustainability matters.

“According to the UNEP, the extraction and processing of materials, fuels, and food makeup about 50% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress. LCAs can be used to measure the impact on several levels and cover multiple impact areas beyond carbon, such as water and land use. At Ecochain, our mission is to provide companies with the most accessible and actionable LCA software to empower them to make an ongoing sustainable impact,” says Frans-Willem de Kloet, CEO at Ecochain.

“Ecochain has the potential to become the world-leading platform for LCA and environmental foot-printing. Ecochain helps companies to measure the environmental product impact and reduce it accordingly. As the Dutch saying goes: meten is weten (to measure is to know) and we believe Ecochain has developed the best software for companies to quantify their footprint. Through this investment, we have taken a step forward to strengthen our portfolio in climate tech. Their software is the vehicle to achieve a more fair, transparent, and sustainable world,” says Boudewijn Poelmann, co-founder of

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