Veloce Media Group sizes up to $50 million via GEM Digital

The organisation operates esports and gaming teams for Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, McLaren, and welcomes the investment through a structured token subscription agreement.
Veloce Media Group sizes up to $50 million via GEM Digital

Following the launch of its blockchain utility and governance token, VEXT, London-based Veloce Media Group has received up to a $50 million investment to fuel continued growth. Comprised of gaming and racing platform Veloce Esports, and Extreme E outfit Veloce Racing, the Group has garnered over 35 million subscribers, nearly one billion monthly views across multiple digital platforms including YouTube and Twitch, and claims to be the world’s largest racing gaming media network.

Veloce’s $50 million arrives via a structured token subscription agreement via Bahamas-based GEM Digital Ltd., the same investment firm behind a $50 million investment into Estonia’s BITLEVEX, which now “be back soon!!” less than a year ago.

Veloce operates e-sports and gaming teams and brands including Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, McLaren, Yas Heat, and established a joint venture sub-brand with Lando Norris – Quadrant.

Regarding the investment, Veloce CCO and Veloce Racing CEO Daniel Bailey commented, “This is a very exciting transaction. It comes very soon after the announcement of VEXT and our plans to evolve our media and sports group into this truly innovative space; validating Veloce’s position as a pioneer in the industry. The GEM commitment will allow us to focus on growth and expansion, through acquisition of more gaming and real-life racing properties, ultimately giving our vast community further VEXT utility and influence.” 

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