Swiss startup SAEKI launches with $2.3M seed funding for industrial micro-factories

SAEKI is transforming additive manufacturing with industrial robotics.
Swiss startup SAEKI launches with $2.3M seed funding for industrial micro-factories

Today Swiss startup SAEKI has launched from stealth with a $2.3 million seed funding round to create fully automated plants with industrial robots using 3D technology to create anything from wings for aircraft to construction site installations.

The architecture, engineering and construction industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, yet they face slow and costly manufacturing of large components as part of their installations. 

Founded in 2021, SAEKI works with the architectural design, engineering design and construction services industry to bring complex designs into reality using new methods to produce custom concrete formwork

The company is building its first production hub, offering industrial robots that act as micro-factories, combining multiple digital manufacturing methods, from 3D printing, milling, and inspection to creating an all-in-one low-waste production process and recyclable materials. It provides an end-to-end automation solution in 24 hours.

SAEKI seed funding

The funding round was led by Wingman Ventures, including participation from Vento Ventures, Getty Capital and angel investors. 

Andrea Perissinotto, Co-Founder of SAEKI, commented: 

"There is a need for large, one-off (custom) components that are primarily used once a couple of times at most, then scrapped. 

Manufacturing these parts, from the moulds to make concrete elements to the tooling required to build composite rockets, is labour-intensive, has long lead times, and is very expensive. 

For vast swathes of industry, it's not practical to own and manage robots that can create what you need quickly. 

Our comprehensive approach sets us apart - it's not just about being faster or cheaper; it's about providing a complete solution that caters to the entire spectrum of challenges, which is resonating well with our customers."

Edouard Treccani, Principal at Wingman Ventures, commented: 

"We're thrilled to join forces with SAEKI as the lead investor of their pre-seed round. Their groundbreaking approach to distributed additive manufacturing has the power to revolutionise sectors from aerospace to construction through disruptive tech, local production and sustainable materials. 

SAEKI is building a platform that will allow our customers to transcend the limits of traditional manufacturing, where size, complexity, and efficiency are no longer obstacles but catalysts for progress.

In doing so, SAEKI envisions a network of decentralised, robot-operated production hubs worldwide."

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