Parisian mental health platform Teale secures €10M for international growth

Teale, a digital mental health platform, raises €10 million to provide mental health benefits to employees and employers, promoting workplace well-being.
Parisian mental health platform Teale secures €10M for international growth

Teale, a Parisian digital mental health platform, has raised €10 million in a series A funding round. The capital is aimed at expanding the company's offering beyond its home borders as well as ramping up its current team of 20 to a robust 80 by 2024.

The round was led by Alter Equity 3P and the Digital Venture fund of Bpifrance with ISAI and Evolem Start continuing their support of the company.

Teal's solution takes an innovative approach to employee mental health by delivering benefits to both employees and employers in one fell swoop.

From the employee side, the service has its obvious benefits including 60 digital programs and more than 1,000 pieces of content that cover professional and personal mental health areas such as stress management, sleep, caregivers, relationship difficulties in the workplace, bereavement, infertility, and naturally burnout prevention.

Nothing truly out of the ordinary so far, and not something that the live-at-the-office experiment didn't see a cluster of activity around.

Where Teale's offer does start to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace is in the benefits to the employer.

While remaining encrypted and thereby completely confidential, Teale's two-way street allows HR professionals an overall view of the 'temperature in the room' at the workplace. In doing so, the goal is to diffuse any potential disruptions before they happen and ensure good mental health across the board(room), namely via Teale partner psychologists stepping in to offer conferences, workshops, round tables, training, etc.

“The founders of Teale, supported by a high-level scientific committee and all the psychologists in their network, have set themselves the ambitious goal of taking action to improve the well-being of employees and try to cure psychological suffering," commented Alter Equity's Fanny Picard. "They represent a breakthrough by encouraging the company to work for the mental health of its employees. Alter Equity is proud to contribute alongside them to destigmatize a public health issue, to improve the well-being of users, and to engage companies in the well-being of their employees.”

Lead image: Tom Peyrat

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