Orange Quantum Systems raises €1.5M for quantum chip testing innovation

Dutch quantum tech startup, Orange QS, raises €1.5M in pre-seed funding. The firm is revolutionising quantum chip testing, advancing the industry's transition from lab to fab.
Orange Quantum Systems raises €1.5M for quantum chip testing innovation

Orange Quantum Systems, a Delft, Netherlands-based quantum technology startup and TNO spinout has announced the raise of €1.5 million in a pre-seed funding round. 

Now backed by QDNL Participations and historic deeptech fund Cottonwood, Orange QS is moving the sectors’ needle by way of providing rapid and accurate testing of quantum devices.

The firm builds quantum chip test equipment that takes on the current modus operandi - that is, a testing procedure bottleneck that only grows smaller by the day. This process often involves a cryogenic lab facility and a team of dedicated quantum engineers, a logistical and technical feat by any measure.

Testing quantum chips is an expensive, slow, and difficult process, because it relies on a high-tech lab environment, manual workflows, and PhD-level operators. If the quantum computing value chain wants to increase the number of high-quality qubits per quantum chip, it will need industry-level foundry processes combined with fast test equipment,” - Dr. ir. Adriaan Rol, director research & development at Orange QS.

Now if chip testing rings any bells, you’re most likely familiar with that of the semiconductor industry, a process that is done at room temperature and at speed and scale. Earlier this year in Las Vegas, Orange QS effectively replicated this process, but for quantum chips. 

Using what it refers to as its Quantum Diagnostics Libraries, Orange QS’s Orange Rack offers automated qubit testing, and significantly advances the emerging quantum chip industry’s transition from ‘lab to fab’ by reducing the test cost per qubit.

In addition to the new investment round, Orange QS secured a grant from the European Innovation Council’s EIC Accelerator this past summer.

On the investment QDNL Participations managing director Ton van’t Noordende commented:

“By providing rapid and accurate testing of quantum devices, Orange QS is filling a crucial need for the emerging quantum computing industry. This technology will catalyse many more innovations in the Dutch quantum ecosystem and strengthen the country's position as a leader in this field. I look forward to propelling this transformative quantum platform forward together.”

Lead image via Orange Quantum Systems. Photo: Uncredited.

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